IHM: Experiences, Career Aspirations, Graduate Employability

Topics: Anthropology, Globalization, Culture Pages: 9 (3091 words) Published: April 28, 2015

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Surname name: SU
First name: WEI
English name:CAMILLA
Module: MA International Hospitality Management

Hellstén and Prescott (2004, p.344-351) claim that the number of international student is increasing rapidly and they have the integrated classes system in most famous universities around the world. Although study abroad is a small part of the larger picture of global movement at the beginning of the 21st century, it also plays an important role in the across cultural awareness. (Dolby, 2008, p.103-120). Kneale(2008, p 337-345) argues that studying or working in abroad should be an unforgettable and rewarding experience. So, this essay would argues the international experience, career aspirations and graduate employability for students who study abroad and try to find out the connection between cross culture and these three factors. This paper will be divided into three parts. The first part is about the international experience and it will include the advantages and disadvantages of the international experience for international students and also give personal examples of international experience in both benefits and barrier sides. The second part is about the motivation of career aspirations, giving the example that I changed my career plan after the international study. Lastly, graduate employability will be discussed, along with employability in hospitality and tourism in China, giving some personal examples about this part. Over the last century, the number of students who attend universities in other countries has continually increased (NAFSA, 2008). When talking about the motivations for studying abroad, Nyaupane and Paris (2011, p.205-217) state that learning other languages and studying in a university where students could interact with international students and learn about the local countries and cultures are the main factors. With economic development, more and more students choose to study in abroad to enhance their international experience and learn other languages. Personally, I chose to study in Birmingham in order to improve my English in an English environment and learn about cultural differences between China and Briton. I learned some different meaning of English words that I would never learn in China, such as “cheers” that my Chinese teacher told me means people want to drink together, but in Birmingham, I learned that it also means “thank you”. Moreover, I also experienced the culture of western Christmas that I never celebrated and experience. Study abroad plays an important role for students in careers and citizenship of education in the global world. Students have opportunities to learn and experience the different cultures, to have the language environment to learn another language and to give them a chance to live in an unfamiliar environment. (Paus and Kruze, 2005, p.133). International experience can have a positive effect on the communication skills. Students can learn a second language in this language environment. For example, I learn English in England now and I feel it is more effective than when I was learning it in China because I have the language environment and everyone speaks English when I have a class, which is really helpful for improving my listening and speaking in English. However, the communication skill does not only mean the language. It is also linked to a way of thinking and communicating. It is important to mention the high-low context which can explain the different communication styles and culture problems. In the high context culture, every word has deep significance and listeners need to have abundant background knowledge to understand that what the speakers’ meaning is (Kim and Park, 1998, p.507–521). In the low context, according to Gudykunst and Ting-Toomey (1988, p.278) language can express the meaning explicitly. This kind of communication is direct, open and always based on true...
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