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IGNOU B.Ed ES-331 Solved Assignment January 2012
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Please Note:
a) The Assignment Responses (AR’s) may be submitted by hand or sent by registered post to the Programme - in - Charge of your Programme Centre.
b) You should retain a copy of all the assignment responses in your own interest.

Answer the following questions in 1500 words total (i.e. each in 500 words).

Qi) What are the important sources of curriculum evaluation? Discuss the importance of Curriculum evaluation.(500 words)

Solution: Important Sources of Curriculum Evaluation are listed below : 1 Questionnaire and Checklists
When you need to quickly and/or easily get lots of information from people in a non threatening way, questionnaire and checklist are useful data collection techniques. Questionnaires and checklists can complete anonymously and relatively inexpensive to administer. Since data collected is quantitative, it is easy to compare and analyse and can be administered to many people. Massive amount of data can be obtained. It is also easy to design as there are many sample questionnaires already in existence. However, the information obtained may not be accurate as it relies how truthfully subjects respond to the questions. There is also the fear that the wordings used can bias client's responses. Questionnaires are impersonal and since only a sample of subjects are given the instrument, we not get the full story.

.2 Interviews
Interviews are usually one-on-one situations in which an individual asks questions to which a second individual (which may be a teacher, principal, student, parent) responds. The person asking the questions is called the interviewer while the person giving answers to the questions is called the interviewee. Interviews are used when you want to fully understand someone's impressions or experiences, or learn more about their answers to questionnaires. There are two general types of interviews depending on the extent to which the responses required are unstructured or structured. In an unstructured interview, the interviewer does not follow a rigid script and there is a great deal of flexibility in the responses.

3 Observations
To gather accurate information about how a program actually operates, particularly about processes. In other words to view operations of a program as they are actually occurring. For example, can the people involved adapt to events as they occur.

4 Documents
When we want impressions of how a programme operates without interrupting the programme; we can review the memos, minutes, etc to get a comprehensive and historical information about the implementation of the programme. However, we should be quite clear about what looking for as there may be a load of documents.

The Importance of Curriculum evaluation

Curriculum evaluation may be an internal activity and process conducted by the various units within the education system for their own respective purposes. These units may include national Ministries of Education, regional education authorities, institutional supervision and reporting systems, departments of education, schools and communities. Curriculum evaluation may also be external or commissioned review processes. These may be undertaken regularly by special committees or task forces on the curriculum, or they may be research-based studies on the state and effectiveness of various aspects of the curriculum and its implementation. These processes might examine, for example, the effectiveness of curriculum content, existing pedagogies and instructional approaches, teacher training and textbooks and instructional materials.


ii) Discuss how you will use probing skills while teaching in the classroom with a help of a suitable example?(500 words) Solution Teachers can use probing...
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