Iggy's bread of the world

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Iggy’s Bread of the World is an incredibly unique company. The niche that has made this company so successful is the commitment to the core compentency which is baking bread in a way that makes the person making the bread have a deep connection with the preparation and baking of it. Also, there is much thought and effort to find quality materials that help make the bread. It is this attention to detail and passion for the process of baking and delivering bread that has brought Iggy’s the success it has seen since it’s inception in xxxx. The success that Iggy’s has seen has also created the need for the company to expand in order to meet the growing demands of new customers. While the owners, Igor and Ludmilla Ivanovic, have done a wonderful job creating a culture that is necessary for the type of work ethic they require to produce the high quality product their customers have grown to expect, they were aware that they would need help to grow the company to a size that could meet the growing demand that their product was getting.

When looking for someone that could assist them with the growth of Iggy’s Bread, Igor and Ludmilla Ivanovic looked to Matthew McRae, a friend that was known by the Ivanovic’s through their community, to help with an expanision that was needed to keep up with the growing demand of Iggy’s. This expansion has caused Iggy’s to grow

The basic issue of Iggy’s Bread of the World is that the company has suffered a major collapse of the core culture through a massive and fast expansion.
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