If U Win 1 Crore How Could U Spend It?(You Can't Use It on Your Family and Friends)

Topics: Money, Currency, Debt Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: August 11, 2012
if u win 1 crore how could u spend it?(you can't use it on your family and friends) Winning the 1 crore sounds like a dream come true.

If I was given a 1 crore that could not be spent on myself, my main goal would be to have fun. I am sure there are tons of completely decent charities and organizations that could put a large cash donation to great use, but just giving away all that money to charity sounds completely BORING! I can think of some great ways to spend one 1 crore, while having fun and helping people at the same time.   This sounds like a great idea to me!

Winning a 1 crore is a luckiest thing that can happen to anybody. It makes a person feel on top of the world. I would feel the same way just like everybody else. It will make the life most amazing beautiful heaven. opportunities to achieve not only my wishes but those wishes which I can only dream and it take a long way to reach them. For instance, I will take care of my family, with myself and I would also like to donate some money for poor people back in my country.  As I mentioned that I will take care of my family, it includes a lot of never ending requirements. Since my family and I live in a town house apartment, I would like to buy a new house for my family. We hardly fit in our space. It is a spacious apartment but not much for a 6 member family. I have 2 sisters. I and my sister share a room. It is fun to have a sister in a room. It means a lot to me that she is always closer to me and there for me whenever I need her. But everybody reaches a level in their life where privacy is very important. Therefore I believe that every individual in a house must have their own space where they can have as much privacy as they want. Moreover my mom and dad have a big family. They always like to have get together and celebrate any event together. Getting a big house will fill my mom and dad wish and will make life much easier.  Everybody has a way of earning. A way which suits them...
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