If I Were a Rich Girl

Topics: Mercedes-Benz, Family, Eiffel Tower Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: December 14, 2005
If I Were a Rich Girl
Some say money can't buy love; well, maybe that's true, but have you thought of what could be bought with money? If I were to win the lottery and receive fifty-million dollars, there are so many things I would do.

I'd start by paying off all of my debt, twenty-thousand dollars worth. Next, my husband and I would find the perfect house. A house with three stories; one being the basement, a four car garage, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large living area, a big playroom for my children, wonderful kitchen with two of every major appliance, lovely dining room, a nice office space, and huge fenced in backyard. It would have to be on the outskirts of town, but not secluded from civilization. Our home would cost two million dollars, including all of the furniture and appliances. We would then have a three to six foot deep pool installed in our backyard for a price of five-hundred thousand dollars.

My husband and I would then purchase brand new vehicles for ourselves, mine being a 2006 Mercedes Benz, straight off the factory floor and my husband would purchase a real military Hummer, our vehicles would total up to the price of one-million dollars. Ten-million dollars of the fifty-million would be put into a savings account for our children. My husband and I would use one-hundred thousand dollars to take a two week cruise to the Caribbean Islands. We would spend our time gambling and attending exciting excursions. We would never be without a daiquiri and shop for hours at each island we would visit. The visit to the islands would remind us of the hurricane victims, so we would donate ten-million dollars to Red Cross and the Hurricane Relief Funds, totaling twenty-million dollars.

We would also make sure our families were taken care of, so one-million dollars each would go to my mother, my brother, my aunt, my husband's mother, his sister, his grandmother, and his aunt; totaling seven-million dollars. My husband and I would...
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