If I Were a Millionaire

Topics: Poverty, Working poor, Wealth Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: February 2, 2013
If I Were a Millionaire
How exciting indeed to be a millionaire in the age of scarcity and hardship. It is practically an impossible thing for a poor man to be a millionaire particularly in this age when money begets money and poverty begets poverty. Yet if I can enjoy the pleasure of becoming a millionaire by the grace of God or the dint of an unexpected lottery, I will find sufficient difficulty in making the best use of the money. A million of rupees are a big amount. They can fetch me a number of bungalows, cars and other comforts of life. If I were to buy them with the money, it will be quite easy to disburse the whole amount but I am not so selfish a man. I do have some good objectives in life. I am not used to personal comforts for pleasure’s sake. I want to live so that I can do well to others. With this attitude in life, I do not propose to squander away the money in buying personal comforts; instead I propose to invest the money in the national cause. I am so sad to see my countrymen seething in poverty. Most of the poor people are not able to afford education for their children as education is very expensive. Also the poor people suffer from a number of diseases and many of them die away without proper treatment as there are no proper arrangements for medical aid near about. Therefore, I propose to set up a few schools in my District for the poor villagers and poor workers who cannot afford to send their children to costly schools. I will also like to set up a few industries, large scale or small scale, to provide employment to a number of poor neighbors. This will enable them to earn their living by doing useful work for the country. Setting up of industries requires a good sum of money but the results are always good. Besides providing education and employment to the people in my District, I will devote some, money for the setting up of a few hospitals and clinics. Whenever there is a shortage or excess of rains in our area, a number of diseases...
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