If i were a man by Charlotte Gilman

Topics: Boy, Female, James Newton Howard Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Egypt, in fact, struggled against the British colonization from 1888 to 1954. The play shows how contemporary Egyptians enjoy their liberation but bear psychological conflict inside them resulting from the long- term colonization. the characters reverse morality and consider chaos a virtue instead of vice. Magic in the play is incarnated in the inexplicable mental infection that catches up with the visitors who come to the village. It is grotesque to see the three visitors— Young Man, Man with Twirled Moustaches and Young Lady— changing from a state of rebellion to another state of surrender. The villagers reject the ideal of order and adopt instead their own ideal of ‘positive disorder.’ In fact, domestic disorder indicates individual freedom. The villagers celebrate the idea of being different from the westerners who formerly colonized them. Not a Thing Out of Place displays the life of some uneducated or poorly educated villagers. Characters like the Barber and Postman are reluctant to work properly. First, the Barber compares his customer’s head to a water-melon and scares him by showing an intention to split it open with his razor to know his thoughts (Al- Hakim 175). Secondly, the Postman gives a handful of daily letters to the Barber to throw in a basin on the floor allowing anybody to pick any letter (176). The Postman asserts, “the people like it this way” (ibid). Hence, the people are indifferent and do not complain about not receiving letters that are addressed to them. the play seems to suggest that the ultimate in freedom, anarchy, can be fun” (93). That might explain why the villagers are happy in the play. The villagers do not find the idea that visitors change from one mental state to another extraordinary at all. They believe that it is part of their lives to see such thing happening. For example, both Postman and Barber assert to Young Man that the villagers do not complain of their lives, and dislike the Young Man’s description of their...
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