If I Were a Boy

Topics: Cover version, Gender, American film actors, Woman / Pages: 6 (1455 words) / Published: Mar 18th, 2013
The act of an artist doing a “cover” of another artist’s song is nothing unfamiliar to us. It has been occurring for quite some time. As new generations arise and new genres are being developed many artists turn back to the past for inspiration. There are hundreds of cover songs and some have been hits while others should have never been remade. People like songs that have been covered because they are familiar; it is a tune that they know, lyrics they can recite. The question being is why do artists let other artists remake their work? There is a chance that the cover version may become more famous that the original. That the cover version was so bad it turns people off from the original song. On the other hand why do artists want to cover another artist’s song? When an artist is doing a cover for a song the freedom is all their’s. They can completely manipulate the original lyrics to change the meaning. The artist has control and the opportunity to let their imagination create a brand new story with a song. Although it may not always be the intentions, when a cover song is made the message of the song is altered to a certain extent. The song “If I Were a Boy” was originally done by the R&B/soul artist Beyonce Knowles and wonderfully remade by Urban Country artist Reba McEntire. Once the genre changed from one artist to another the message of the song changed the strength of the woman but despite the difference in genre both artist depict their anger and frustration towards men and how they were hurt by a man. The song “If I were a Boy” was sung by two entirely different women with two different upbringings. Both Beyonce and Reba are well known for their outstanding performances and dramatic vocal cords. Beyonce has been single for most of her career dating her on again off again, now husband, Jay-Z. Throughout this time she was hurt by relationships and grew to be an independent woman with an outstanding career. Reba was married to Charlie Battles and then

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