If I Were Building a House on Mars It Would Be...

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If I were building a house on Mars it would be...

If I were to build a house on Mars it would be a house like the Martians built except, it would have American style appliances. The house would be on a hill, so I could look over the country side without interference from trees and plants. Another option would be to have the house right by a lake so I could build a miniature theme park in it. There would be a ride that I would have around two G's worth of force applied on me as I twist through the course. It would also have roller coasters that would travel through the water at high speeds and soak everything that rode on it. My house would also have a pavilion that would sell everything from candy to beef jerky. Last, but not least, it would have a cannon that would shoot me up into the air at extreme velocities and then plummet me back into the lake.

The appearances of the house would be much like the Martian style. I would especially like to have the same kind of house as Ylla in which she describes..."a house of crystal pillars..eating the golden fruits that grew from the crystal walls"(Bradbury 2). In addition the house would have diamond floors and a glass ceiling. The overall size of the house would be the size of an enormous castle. Having all of the necessary items in it, like a dungeon and many rooms. The ceilings being glass would tint to darker shades when sunlight touches them. Also, I would have a system like Ylla "cleaning the house with handfuls of magnetic dust which, taking all dirt with it, blew away on the hot wind."(Bradbury 2). Those magnetic substances would take care of all my house cleaning.

Along with the magnetic dust to clean the house, I would have a computer that when I wanted a real thorough cleaning job of the house the computer would lock and seal all of the doors and windows. Then the computer would scan the entire house with a laser and read the trash that was not picked up by the magnetic dust. It would...
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