If I Was the Chief of Police, and Due to Budget Cut, One of These Essentials Was to Cut, I Would Have Cut Human Relations.

Topics: Police, Firearm, Constable Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Academics, Human Relations, Law, Tactics, Driving, Firearms Training, and Physical Training are topics that are essential in the training to become a police officer.   If I was the Chief of Police, and due to budget cut, one of these essentials was to cut, I would have cut Human Relations. If we were to look at each topic individually:

Academics- as a police officer you must be academically inclined, you need to be able to know what is going on around you and also have the knowledge to deal with it. Law- as an officer you must be acquainted with the law in order to know what is against the law. Tactics- there isn’t one strategy than can be used to apprehend criminals. Different circumstances will call for different strategies. Thus tactics is important. Driving- even though one might already know how to drive, driving is still important. You need to how to driving to intercept vehicles while, as far as possible, not having any casualties. Firearm Training- an officer needs to be trained in firearm use, in order to protect the lives of the citizens and his/her own. Physical Training- fitness is a must for a police officer. A healthy body not only allows you to chase and apprehend criminals, but a healthy body also helps with your thinking. These are all essential in the life of a police officer. Human relation on the other hand, though important, can be learnt on the job. Also it is inter-related with the other six topics.
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