If I Ruled the World

Topics: Earth, Economics, Third World Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: July 14, 2013
If I ruled the world, I would have my own island just for me and I would live a mansion the size of Jamaica. If I ruled the world, I would get the world’s leading scientists to create a volcano that spewed chocolate every month. If I ruled the world, I would get rid of nuclear weapons as they cause too much destruction to the people of the earth and the planet itself. If I ruled the world, if I ruled the world I would make sure everyone is equal and socially accepted, I would help with 3rd world countries such as Africa and India, but most of all I will stop crime and war bringing destruction to our planet and the innocent people. If I ruled the world, I would unite all the nations, to stop corruption and war, also I would create one government to overlook the nation. By uniting all the countries in to one massive continent, everyone will care more for other countries rather than their own such as the environment of the country or living conditions of the people there. Also uniting the countries will allow our population to develop more technology without being interrupted by others over things such as war. If I ruled the world, I would also create a currency used by the whole nation, as this would be an important step in promoting economic justice in the world, removing the advantage of a few favoured countries whose currency is seen as stronger or more secure and preventing the poor from being hurt by the impacts of currency fluctuations. In the long run, such a step would do much to counteract the local harm that is sometimes induced by economic globalization by putting everyone, everywhere, on a more "level" economic playing field. I would call this currency the “Jon Dollar”. If I ruled the world, I would help and provide for the poor in 3rd world countries, by creating things such as jobs and homeless shelters to allow those who are without homes to have time to get back on their feet. I will also scrap every countries military and use the resources for...
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