If I Had Power to Change 3 Things in World

Topics: Terrorism, Natural disaster, Poverty Pages: 5 (1391 words) Published: August 10, 2011
4.Accidents and Natural Disasters|

“Nothing is permanent in this world
Other than the Change”
-is a famous proverb. In this mechanical world all of us are moving towards the pursuit of money having not even single second to spare, to think of world. So I would like to bring to spotlight 3 most prickling things in my mind, which I think, given a power I will surely change, to make the world a better place to live in….

Poverty according to my view is a thorn in flesh of the world. Society in India is very sharply divided between ‘Haves’ and ‘Have Nots’. With all the wealth of the country getting so accumulated in a few hands the rest of the population find it difficult to even make 2 ends meet. So obvious reason for poverty is ‘distribution of wealth’ which is too uneven. On one side India is leading gold importer in the world, whereas on other side India has most number of population that cannot even afford for a single meal as stated as follows… “Rich continues to become richer-and

Poor continues to become poorer”
Recent news coverage in media focusses fully on Indians and their illegal blackmoney deposited in Swiss and Morocco banks, and a pitiful fact is that most of them having account are politicians of our very own country. Isn’t it a big shame for our nation? Harmful effect of poverty include mitigation of crime activities like theft, robbery, smuggling, kidnapping, cheating which have become a menace to society. Poor people in a pursuit of living, indulge in these kind of activities. All thieves who were caught redhanded state poverty as major reason for their act. If this is situation in India, situation across world is far more worse. Many countries in Africa and Asia are dying because of poverty. A shocking fact is that their total country’s income is not even equal to per capita income of a citizen in a developed country. So basis for all illegal activities is poverty. Owing to greed of wealth recent trend of “string of kidnapping incidents” happened. Smuggling drugs and other goods were also carried out by poor youth as depicted by Tamil film ‘Ayan’. Hence by solving this poverty problem, world would be a safer place to live upon. So if I had power to change 3 things in world, I would first eliminate poverty so as to make each and every common man feel as if ‘He is the king’.

Modern world has become a hotbed of hatred , violence and terrorism. Civilization has not made many people different from brute animals. The law of the jungle is, “might is right”
In these days when nations and men swear by principles of peace and co- existence there are still elements who indulge in violent activities and who feel that solutions to problems can be got only through violence. The worst form of violence is terrorism. In my opinion, terrorism is something which is much worse than a regular war, for, against war all preparations are always ready at hands but these terrorist attacks being unexpected and unwarranted can just not be secured against. What can be done when people are travelling by train, getting ready to board a bus, or watching a cinema, and the terrorists strike. How can any prevention against this be arranged? It is this very uncertainty of time and place that makes terrorist attacks more dangerous than even a regular warfare. Another point that makes these attacks worse than war to some extent is that, these attacks are always against poor innocent people of the public. In a war also no doubt, the public suffers but, they are not the targets, they are given protection till it is possible. With these terrorist activities, today there is a continuous fear of attack and so, danger is always looming large on the horizon. Today terrorism...
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