If I Could Change One Thing About Me

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A Narrative Essay

“If I Could Change One Thing about Me”

Xerishya Jonpaula G. Gorobao
MKIT – 101
Prof. Chona Lajom

If I Could Change One Thing about Me

- At Home
- In School

-When I do have a problem with focusing on my studies, and at home, especially to my mom.

- My family
- My friends

Thesis Statement:
- Well, there are many things I would like to change about myself, but If could change one thing about me, it would probably my attitude of being lazy. If I wasn't so lazy I could get so much more done and I'm sure I would be more fulfilled with my life.

At first, it was all about in our home. My mom usually takes orders at me like cleaning my room, doing the dishes, and also doing some other choirs. And because of my laziness, I usually do every day is texting, surfing in my laptop, watching TV, and also playing computer games especially in my Tab. I always forgot what my mom told me to do, so I just keep that in my mind, but the problem is I always say to myself that I’m just going to do it later. Or let’s just say it’s Mañana Habit. Sometimes, I let my older brother do all the task that I’ve gave to him even though he didn’t noticed that was our mother’s task to me. I always trick my brother when it comes to choirs. I always don’t want to clean the house because, every time we went home in Bulacan, Me and my brother, always sweeping on the floor. And later, there’s already a dust. Even though we wet the floor still, it would always have a dust. That’s the reason why I gave up cleaning the house and doing another choirs. Sometimes, if I have a mood in cleaning I would probably go outside, clean, take all my dogs and bath them. But the best thing I ever did in my entire life when it comes to doing the choirs is that, I always water the plants and let it clean and green. I enjoyed watering plants than sweeping the floor. But of course I have to get rid my Mañana Habit and being lazy. Since I’m...
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