If I Could Change 3 Things About Myself

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If I could change 3 things about myself.

By: Kimberly C. Essay no.2 19.5.2013 Did you ever think, that if you could change three things about yourself, what will you change?

Yes, maybe you will say:”Hey! That's not enough! I need MORE!” but what are the three MOST IMPORTANT things that you decide to change?

If I could change three things about myself, I think first and foremost, I would change my desirous of food-ness. This, is (obviously) to change myself to a less lardy size. Because, I, who has attended a seminar not long ago, learned that I need ALL of the P.I.E.S to lead a good life. Which by the way, means Physical, Intellect, Emotions, and Spiritual. And being lardy is NOT a good physical. So, I'm going to change that. Because being lardy can affect my health and my spine. Hey! I do NOT want to be like Igor when I grow up. (even though Disney Igor looks like a cute little thing.) But, try as I might, bad luck. I just CAN'T resist food. If I don't eat food, I will become sleepy but I can't sleep because I will have a stomach ache. I got the stomach ache-ness when I was at Japan and tried not to eat so much. Well, to late for regrets now! I am eating now and just ate some ice-cream just now and ate fish chops for dinner. Well, good luck to me!

Secondly, I would like to change my laziness. I had been pretty darn lazy through my whole life until now. Except for the time when my sister who is older than me by a year got to go to school and petty little me didn't get to go. So, I got so interested in learning that I read ALL of my sister's textbooks. And ever since my sister knew that I knew EVERYTHING that she was learning, made up a lame excuse and threw her homework to me and went to play some stupid computer game like...MINES. Because she doesn't know how to play it, she just simply pushes some buttons and KABLOOM! GAME OVER. But now, I inherited her laziness and she inherited my hardworkingness and it's the other way round than the time

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