If We Allow Children to Make Some Decisions and Be Involved How Does That Help Them Develop?

Topics: Educational psychology, Disability, Learning disability Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: January 17, 2013
If we allow children to make some decisions and be involved how does that help them develop?

The advantages of encouraging younger members of our communities to become more actively involved in making decisions can be influential to their future. When children and young people have the opportunity to identify the problems that affect their lives and, most importantly, find and implement the solutions, it builds their self-confidence and encourages them to value the positive impact they can have on the lives of others. Through increasingly meaningful and active participation in decision-making children can develop their own identity, a sense of belonging and usefulness. This encourages them to respond to educational opportunities and enter more fully into life at school. A child, whose active engagement with the world and who has been encouraged from a young age, will become more confident to make correct decisions later on in life from skill and mistakes previous involved in.

Why is it important you are a positive role model and how do you do this?

Having a role model can give a child focus in their lives and something to work towards. Often a role model has a character trait or job that your child desires to have. Because of the role model's example children are more likely to work to achieve their goals. A role model can inspire a child to dream big. Often circumstances make dreams seem impossible. A child who has no role model cannot imagine overcoming. A child whose role model has achieved can inspire a child to work harder and achieve their dreams. Those who often find success do so because they had a role model who spurred them on to great things. There are setbacks in every person's life. Knowing that someone else has overcome and achieved will help your child during the hard times. They can look at their role model and realise that at one point they were a child and faced adversity. Yet they were able to achieve their goals. This will help give...
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