If the Research Budget Is Limited, Exploratory Research Should Depend on the Case Before Dispensed with.

Topics: Research, Problem solving, Scientific method Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: June 18, 2013
If the research budget is limited, exploratory research should depend on the case before dispensed with. First of all, I’ll define the exploratory research. Exploratory research is an initial research conducted to explore, define and identify the nature of a problem, it has subsequent research expected which does not provide conclusive evidence. It’s including quantitative data and qualitative data. The purpose on conducting exploratory research mainly are diagnosed situation, screening alternatives develop hypotheses and discover new ideas for approaching to the problem. The research steps:

It’s hard to demonstrate that dispensed the exploratory research under budget limited is appropriate. Different situation and problem might lead to different research process and objective. From the above table, if the researcher got the information of problem definition, then exploratory research are useless.

The categories of exploratory research are as follow, and I’m going to determine their cost and efficiency. |Exploratory research |Cost |Used under __________ situation |efficiency | |Experience Surveys |Middle |intelligible research problem |High, Focus on solving particular problem | |Secondary data |Low |Find out problems but uncertain |High, Data collected from third party with | | | | |quick sources | |Case studies |Middle |The problem similar to previous |Middle, Intensely investigates one or a few | | | | |situations | |Pilot studies |High |Totally unknown |Middle, collective term and sampling but | | | |...
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