If Only..

Topics: Thought, Murder, Mind Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: October 25, 2008
It all started the icy night I heard the horrifying scream of bloody murder outside my bedroom window. As I was lying on my bed that night, I kept hearing gruesome squeals and sounds of pain coming from somewhere near my room. Very frightened, almost thinking there was a murderer outside, I had the courage to take a peek out the curtains of my windows... Horrified and shocked, even life scarred, I witnessed the murder of not a human being, but of a horse...my horse. I couldn’t bear to hear that deafening sound of my horse, Jaden, crying in pain. I didn’t know what to do. There were only two thoughts in my head. I could quickly but quietly sneak into my parent’s room, raid their closet to find the hidden gun they didn’t know I knew about, and run outside maybe even murder whoever is torturing my horse! Or I could wake up my parents and they could take care of that animal murdered, but by the time they get out there he might be gone and they would think I was making it up just as another one of my stupid jokes. But I’m scared if I choose either one of these options, both involving me going out to the barn where the murderer is, would cause him or her to drastically kill me. If he can kill a horse he or she would most definitively have no problem killing an eleven year old girl. Insane thoughts ran through my head, especially thinking how I could be the only one hearing these painful sounds. But these thoughts just wasted my time...until the clamor came to a complete stop, a deadly silence that I only heard in those horror movies but this was reality. A waited a few more seconds, thinking what had happened. Did the murderer run away? Had they killed my horse? Am I an insane girl having crazy nightmares? Oh how I wished I was having a nightmare, I did indeed have way too much junk food before bed...but no! I couldn’t be dreaming those noises I heard were real even if I didn’t want them to be! Trying to clear my head but at the same time trying to find an answer, I...
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