If had the opportunity to be a company commander for a day

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If had the opportunity to be a company commander for a day and have the opportunity to change something there is on two things that comes to my mind ant the two are: Phasing times and privileges and Acg shifts. There most be more things that might need some changes but this are the only ones I can think as of right now. Why Phasing times and privileges?? We being in one of the longest MOSs (68 Alpha) sometimes feel like there is no justice to us when it comes to the privileges we have and the time in amount of weeks we have to wait for phasing up while we are on our AIT when we compare it to other MOSs that can phase up before 68 Alphas and have less weeks of total AIT than us or even compare urselves with other branches of the Arm Forces there's a huge difference but I'm not go to enter on that discussion because until I have further knowledge on how they operate. Yes, there's some MOSs in the Army that don't even have the opportunity to phase up or even enjoy the privileges that a soldier in phase 5 or 5+ have, but normally this MOSs doesn't last more than 6 to 10 weeks. This can create demotivation in soldiers and even thoughts of reclassing to other MOSs and not perform at a 100%, what can make some soldiers to if not brake some rules at least think of doing so. And that's one of the things we don't want to happen in the Army. We all know rights and privileges are to big different things and although in the Army we have a lot of rights, there is also a lot of privileges that need to be earn in order to be able to enjoy them and when it comes to phasing up there is no difference.

When it comes to privileges in the different types of phases everytime they seem to be less and less or at least it looks like the privileges will become less than they are now. With this im not trying to say soldiers need more freedom but when you add more and more restrictions the outcome is a non or less motivated soldier. This translate to a soldier that want to remain...
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