If Dory Had Gone Against Maria's Wishes and Told Emma About "The Lady at the Trainstation" Would It Have Affected the Outcome of the Story?

Topics: Short story, Fiction, English-language films Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 18, 2013
If Dory had gone against Maria’s wishes and told Emma about “the lady at the train station”, would that have made a difference to her relationship to her husband and changed the outcome of the story? Discuss the preceeding question by making references to the story.

In the short story’ Emma’, Dorian, the narrator learns through her best friend, Maria, that Jack, her father, is frequenting a “lady at the train station”. Maria makes Dory promise not to tell Emma about the lady, for fear of getting in trouble. If Dory, however had gone against Maria’s wishes and told Emma about the lady, it is rather probable that the outcome of the story would not have been different. Emma was determined to believe that her husband was faithful to her, despite all the warning signs that she was getting. These signs included his late comings as well as her own intuition. Though she wanted to believe that her husband was faithful, there was a bit of doubt in the back of her mind. If this wasn’t the case, she would not persistently ask Jack if she was the only woman in his life. Jack would respond in the affirmative and then, according to Dory, the “bed would squeak”. Emma wanted to believe that she was living in a fairy-tale and she so she did, refusing to let anyone tell her otherwise. Mrs. Robinson tried to tell Emma that her husband was being unfaithful, and Emma refused to believe. Though Emma had all right not to believe Mrs. Robinson, the fact still remained that Mrs. Robinson was unable to convince Emma of Jack’s infidelity. If Mrs. Robinson could not convince Emma that all was not right in her relationship with her husband, how would Dory, an eight year old girl who did not fully understand the workings of the adult world, be able to convince Emma that Jack was being unfaithful. Emma would have told Dory that she did not understand what she was talking about, and demand to know where she had received her information. When Dory had revealed her source, which she...
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