If Beale Street Could Talk Synopsis Part 1

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Al Francis Maquilan English 268 A/B 2/25/08 Instructor: Ms. Safir

LOG #1: Pages 1-50

Summary: Tish, a young African American woman living in Harlem, New York, find’s herself in many difficult situations. Her boyfriend, Fonny is in jail for a false accusation of rape, she’s alone, and she is pregnant. After visiting Fonny in jail, Tish takes the bus home and begins reminiscing about her childhood with her boyfriend. They met when they were both very young, and got together after an incident involving their friends who were getting into a fight. As a result Tish accidentally struck Fonny with a stick that had a rusty nail on it. They began to feel sorry for one another and become closer and closer. Their families were very much like opposites. Fonny’s family was very religious and went to church every Sunday where as Tish’s family didn’t really go. But both were equally dysfunctional. Tish remembered Fonny’s mother as someone who didn’t like her very much. She had said that Fonny’s mother used to make her tremble. She was the type of woman who overly upheld God’s teachings, and would always preach about them. When Tish and Fonny grew up, they never went to church again. Now that Tish had told Fonny about her pregnancy she contemplated on whether to tell Frank, Fonny’s father or her own mother first. She ended up going home but nobody was there. When Tish’s mother came home she tried to tell her what had happened but began to cry. Her mother reassured her that everything was going to be alright. Her mother offers to give the announcement to the family at the table. Tish’s mother announced the baby’s coming with a toast. Ernestine, Tish’s sister didn’t seem too surprised by it but her father was taken off guard. Her Father was more concerned by the whole ordeal. Tish told him...
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