If Beale Street Can Talk Analysis

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 4 (902 words) Published: December 7, 2015

Baldwin’s book “If Beale Street Can Talk” is about a couple named Fonny and Tish who are said to have a kid together. Fonny is in jail and Tish is trying her all to get him out with a lawyer. Tish’s parents and Fonny’s dad are consistently trying find ways to get him out of jail while his mother has a different outlook on the situation. She believes that his current predicament is all within God’s plan, and time in jail will allow him to learn his lesson. She is blindly arrogant to helping free her son as well as accept the fact that Tish, the girl that she dislikes, is going to eventually have Fonny’s kid. Mrs. Hunt is arrogant because it’s a way to cover up her unbalanced life.
Mrs. Hunt feels that she has a sense of superiority over others; which is shown by the way she dresses and exposes herself...

Hunt lives an unbalanced life. Mrs. Hunt considers herself to be a saved women. She is married to Mr. Hunt, who lives a different lifestyle than what she lives. Mr. Hunt, also known as Frank, is the owner of a tailor shop that is located in the neighborhood. The tailor shop seems to be the only store that stays open for business for long period of time compared to the others; according to Tish. Mr. Hunt is not much of a religious person as Mrs. Hunt is. When they made love it was as if he was mimicking everything that had to do with her religious beliefs. Asking her where she wanted the lord to touch her, also saying that he was going to bring the lord to her while they had sex. “You got the lord now, right here. Where you want your blessing? Where do it hurt? Where you wants the lord’s hands to touch you? Where you want his tongue? Where you want the lord to enter you, you dirty, dumb black bitch?” Baldwin 17. During the whole time she was crying and praying that the lord will forgive her of her burdens and somehow for the lord to find his way into her husband, Frank. Within this moment, Mrs. Hunt’s imbalance begins to take...
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