Ielts Topic; I Chatting on Internet Good?

Pages: 2 (437 words) / Published: Oct 14th, 2012
The development of technology makes human life become much better. With the help of all kinds of technology, people can do everything in a quicker and easier way. One of the typical kinds of technology that is extremely useful to people is chatting on Internet. Due to the advantages that this technology can bring us, we are now under the influences of it. Therefore, chatting now becomes more and more popular to all kinds of people. Despite all good things that it can bring us, this technology also affects on us in some bad way, which we really do not want to have.
This kind of technology has helped us a lot in communication. It is some kind of tools for us to keep in touch with our friends or someone we know, especially those who are far away from us. There are many ways to contact with those people, such as telephoning them, sending them an e-mail, writing them a letter…, but chatting with them on internet is much easier and cheaper. You don’t have to spend too much money paying for the telephone bill every month because Internet costs us less, just the fee to log in and connect to the world. Besides, we and the ones we are chatting with can have a two-way conversation and express our feelings through the given icons thanks to it. Moreover, we can share our photos, videos even documents. Because of those advantages that kind of technology could give us, we are now more and more being involved in it, and the more involved we get, the more popular chatting becomes, and vice versa.
Chatting on internet really gives us what we want; however, it also brings us some bad effects that we may not expect. For example, chatting now becomes drug to some people. They spend too much time on chatting and not enough on their work, their study. Chatting becomes the biggest distraction and it totally gets them away from their real life. Besides, chatting for hours is a waste of time and money, especially for students. Sometimes, there are some strange accounts which want to add

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