Ielts: Famous People

Topics: English-language films, Celebrity, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Nowadays, so many famous people are in the public view, such as actors, athletes, and rock stars, They always give their opinion on what the society looks like. But the case is that some people think that we should pay attention to these opinions, while others do not. In my opinion, I am inclined to be on the side of the latter one for the following reasons.

Firstly, famous people have been representing benefit of themselves organizations. For example a famous singer becomes a spokes ma or woman of a brand and he or she will talk about e excellence of that brand without giving any faults to the public. If we completely believe what he or she says, we might never understand the real face of the brand. What’s more if we get a particular problem with that brand we might not get back anything. therefore, the famous person just make misdirect us for their benefits. Secondly, the reason why lots of famous singers were arrested recently is that they took drug in the pubs. After that,, they make an apology to the public and they expected people to forgive them. However, in my opinion, it still causes a bad image in society. Because those who see their criminal cases may be influenced to try drugs and at the same time, consider it is not a big deal. I also believe that the famous person should not easier be forgiven for their actions by simply issuing an apology. So we completely believe the opinions from famous people we would be misleader by some information witch can let us make a wrong decision. Finally, I believe even famous people cannot be accomplished in everything of out life. Being famous in not being professional, so I think although they are famous they cannot guide us ass a leaders, we should not follow them. Based on the above discussion and analysis, I strongly commit the notion that we don’t need to pay any attention to the opinion of famous people we just need to judge what is right or what is wrong by ourselves.
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