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Test 1
The graphs below show the post schools qualification held by Australians …

The two pie charts illustrate the percentage of education degree obtained by Australians aged between ’25 to 34’ and ’55 to 69’ in different fields of study.

First and foremost, the Social Sciences and Arts have the highest rate of post school qualifications in both groups, while Architecture and Veterinary and Agriculture reached the lowest participation rate in the ’25 to 34’ and ’55 to 69’ aged group respectively.

Bearing in mind that both samples are distributed by identical fields, ‘Education’ almost displays the same percentage of student preference (14.76% against 13.17%). On the other hand, the quantity of people considered in samples is quite different. As evidence for this, the quantity of individuals between 25 and 34 years old (347,500) is almost the triple of that of the 55 to 69 aged group (104,800).

In brief, there are a lot of areas of interest which fulfill Australians’ educational expectations whether they are young or not. On the whole, young Australians are likely to be less reluctant to study than the adults because the first ones do not have many duties, such as raising a family, as the latter ones.


Test 3
The following graphs give information about the GDP …

The table chart contrasts the percentage composition of GDP and employment distributed by sectors, such as natural resources, industry and services, in a developing country in 1992. Additionally, the line graph displays the tendencies of GDP in different sectors since 1986 and spreading out for 10 years.

Almost a 78% of the employment in 1992 is explained by the natural resources sector while the most important contributor factor in GDP is the services sector. Furthermore, The services and natural resources for the former contributed with almost 30% and 65% of GDP respectively in 1986. Since then, both lines show a downward trend over the whole analyzed period. On the...
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