Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Typography Pages: 3 (360 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Currently (can be replace by recently… whatever you want) one of the topic that interests quite a lot of people in society is _____________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. To be more specific, there have been several opinions and statements on the topic, and one typically suggests that ____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. Due to my own view, statement may prove to be convincing to some extent but may not quite accurate in some cases. (That’s introduction)

To begin with, nothing can alter the fact that those who support the statement above should have all their arguments justified. First of all, one of their main arguments could be that
__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. Next, somehow many of us find it reasonable to accept their point, understand the reason explaining that ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. And furthermore, one point worth mentioning here is that _____________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________. (That’s 1st body paragraph)

Likewise, the statement above is not generally consisted as an accurate one to everybody since there also some people who do not advocate it. As regards their justification, a reason usually claimed by many of them to convince us is that _____ __________________________________________________________________...
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