Idylls of the King: the Holy Grail

Topics: Holy Grail, King Arthur, Lancelot Pages: 4 (1695 words) Published: May 26, 2013
February 22, 2013
Period: 1, 5
Literature/Comp. Honors 2
Mr. Blair
Holy Grail Essay
"For those who want to save their life will loose it...", were the words of Jesus Christ himself. What this means exactly is that one must give up all desired in the temporary life so that they can focus on faith for the eternal after life. In the "Holy Grail", countless examples and tests are depicted for the knights of Arthur's round table to try to loose themselves. Although this was no easy task for them, some managed to see the Grail while others didn't. In this eassy, one will be able to understand the main allegory of loosing ones self through chronologically examining the start of the tale, the adventures of some of the knights, and the outcomes of the journeys for those knights.

The idea of loosing yourself refers to giving up everything materialistic and humilifying ones self for faith. To begin with, the nun had all kinds of humility as she didn't care for her appearance at all. A prime example of her humility is shown when she cuts off all her hair and made a rug out of it so that she could pray for the sins of humanity. She also lost herself in that she didn't care about anything that the Earth had to offer at all. Faith alone kept her alive as she also did not eat. Through all this, she eventually saw the Holy Grail and told her brother Percivale. The importance of her seeing it first is that she represents Marie Magdelene as Marie was the person who Jesus performed his first miracle on. Because she told him, jelousy grew among him and among the other knights. The quest for the grail would go against the idea of loosing ones self as when one wants to see the grail, it is already a selfish act because they want to get the glory in finding the holy grail. Since they all have to leave Camelot and leave King Arthur there by himself, It shows that they are merely thinking about themselves and not about Camelot and it's people. The vision of the seat was what...
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