Idustrial Revolution

Topics: Factory, Industrial Revolution, Mass production Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 1, 2012
The Industrial Revolution was one of many steps that moved past society to what we call modern society today. This changed the lives of almost every person around the world. It led to the advancement of technology and capitalism and created a new haven for businesses and a new hell for workers. This was shown through businessmen and inventers such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford who created empires in which businessmen thrived and workers died. The Industrial revolution effected people in a variety of ways including how they worked, how they conducted business, and how they lived at home.

For millions of people throughout the world, the Industrial Revolution changed how they worked. This also included millions of children from many backgrounds. The Industrial Revolution created a new type of work environment known as the “assembly line process” in which each person had a particular role in creating a final product. For example, In Henry Ford’s assembly line for his Model T, one worker would be responsible for one part of the car such as the door while another would be responsible for another part such as the steering wheel and so on. This method of work was far more efficient and time saving then compared to just one person creating the whole product. Unfortunately many of the employees, including children, were forced to work 12-14 hours a day being paid in company dollars and living in cramped buildings with possibly 4 other families to a room.

The Industrial Revolution also changed the way everyone conducted business as well. One of the ways is that the Industrial Revolution created a “Middle Class” composed of mainly business owners. These owners, who before would have been involved in the daily logistics and operations, were able to hire people to manage their company. This in turn gave the company owners an almost limitless amount of free time to vacation and travel with a minimum amount of work involved. Another way that the Industrial Revolution...
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