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Topics: Language, Speech, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: February 20, 2014
A1: Language of a Public Figure (i) A study of Barack Obama Plan:
Intro: Introduce the subject of your essay
Explain the context of your transcripts;
Briefly summarise the similarities and differences

Section 1-Rapport
How does Obama establish Rapport
Compare the two transcripts
Evaluate success

Section 2-Structure
How does Obama use structure
Compare the two transcripts
Evaluate success

Section 3-Language
How does Obama use language techniques for effect.
Compare the two transcripts
Evaluate success

Section 4 –Spoken Language:
How does Obama use paralanguage and prosody for effect
Compare the two transcripts
Evaluate Success

Explain how the situations differ
Summarise how Obama adapts for his audience context
Evaluate his overall success.
Subject of Essay: The subject of the essay is to comment on the public figure (Barack Obama) and the methods he uses to be successful in public speaking. I.e. Rapport with audience or how the text is structured. Context and Similarities against differences: Simply state the two speeches and when they took place. The Differences and similarities between the two. Section 1-Rapport:

How does Obama Establish Rapport? 2008
Barack Obama creates rapport with his audience during his victory acceptance speech in a multitude of ways. In terms of structure, he opens his speech by directly addressing those in front of him, ‘Hello Chicago!’ This creates an instant link with those before him. He then goes on to address those who may have doubted his chance at victory and immediately follows this by thanking ‘the lines’ of voters who have brought him to victory. This personal approach would engage the audience and make them feel directly involved in his success. 2012

Section 2-Structure:

Section 3-Language:

Section 4 –Spoken Language:
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