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GEORGE RANCH HIGH SCHOOL SERVICE CORD AWARDS PROGRAM GUIDELINES The PURPOSE is to recognize who engage in a high level (qualitatively and quantitatively) of service to the community by earning the opportunity to wear a service cord during senior graduation. Seniors completing the program will receive their service cord, be honored at the Awards Program in May, and re recognized on the graduation program. In addition, at the Awards Program in May, the student in each grade level completing the most hours during the previous 12 months will be recognized. HOURS Hours required are an average of 40 per year that the student is enrolled at George Ranch High School. The number of hours required is a total for the course of the high school experience. If a student earns 30 hours one year, 50 the next, 35 the next, and 45 the final year, the total is still 160, and the student will meet the minimum requirement of the Service Cord Program. Students are responsible for declaring their intent to participate in the program, and only hours earned after the declaration will count toward the required hours. Service hours from the summer are allowed if the Intent to Serve is signed and returned to the Student Service Window NO LATER than the end of the third week of school each year. All forms are available at the Student Service Window, Ms. Harmon’s classroom (1610), and on the George Ranch website. Students are responsible for returning all completed Service Hour Record forms to the Student Service Window. Student hours will be recorded and an update will be posted periodically during the year. In the case of misplaced information, the student is solely responsible for keeping personal copies for verification. Students are responsible for submitting their completed service hour forms in a timely manner according to the schedule given in the deadline section found below. GUIDELINES Students may not receive payment or compensation in any form for service performed. Hours performed for any group or organization, which in turn profits financially from the service will not count. The following may NOT count toward service hours:  School activities for organizations of which you are a member with responsibilities for that organization, receive a benefit, or a grade  Family obligations (example- babysitting or caring for other family members)  Duties performed in association with student’s employment  Assisting teachers/administrators/staff in completing any duties that are part of their contract (example- grading papers, decorating a room, carrying supplies, etc.)  Tutoring a friend (example- study groups, proofreading a friend’s paper, studying for an exam).  Travel time to and from mission trips and camps (The general rule on such trips will be 1 day is 8 hours and 1 week is 40 hours). The overriding issue should be that the community service is done primarily to benefit others in the community at large with no financial gain to a group or individual and should be something out of the student’s normal course of action.

The following MAY count toward service hours:  Volunteer duties associated with a church or other community oriented non-profit organization  Boy Scout/Girl Scout service hours  Rosenberg/Richmond/Sugarland etc revitalization  Highway cleanup  Blood drives (including giving blood = 1 hour of service)  Structured tutoring (such as adult education, literacy programs, citizenship programs, etc)  All community service hours honored by PAL’s, National Honor Society, Student Council, etc. may also be submitted for consideration for Service Cord Hours. RESTRICTIONS No more than 10% of the required hours may be from court-ordered community service activities (example- a maximum of only 16 hours of 160 may be court-ordered). Hours are to be earned in half hour increments only. All times will be rounded down to the nearest half hour. Students are responsible for completing the Service Hours Record form neatly and...
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