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Idiot Nation or Idiot Moore

By PV2Johns Oct 08, 2010 1201 Words
Michael Moore’s “Idiot Nation” has some intriguing ideas and concepts. Though no matter how much I want to, I can not say I agree with them as a whole. I really find most of them to be the just ramblings of a burned out student, who is making excuses for his failures. Furthermore, I feel he should stop complaining and go back to college. There are; however, three statements I do, at least partially, agree with. I do agree that teachers are under appreciated, that schools are in pathetic shape and that I was ahead of my class intellectually wise for most of my school.

Who is at fault here? As much as Moore wants to blame it on the school or the system, it is not there fault. Moore has no one to blame but himself. School is not hell, it is not torture and in most of the cases it is necessary. Moore said and I quote, “Do this, don’t do that, tuck your shirt in, wipe that smile off your face, where’s your hall pass, THAT’S THE WRONG HALL PASS! YOU - DETENTION!!”. Well with all but one of those I see no problem. Honestly Moore tucking your shirt in won’t kill you so shut up and do so. Now that wipe your smile off your face part, well lets just say it is a good thing that they did not talk or act like that in my High School because my only response I could have to it would have been, “I’ll freakin’ smile if I darn well feel like it”. Well not quite the words I would chose to say but it gets the point across. With the hall pass, well if your not supposed to be in the hall then do not and if you have the pass then you have no worries. My experience may have been different then his but when I was walking down the hall in school no one would ask me if I had a pass. They would just assume I did not but that was no reason for them to bother me. I think they though I was mental because they once asked me to take a psych evaluation. But then again when I did get a detention for something I had done I walked into their office and said, “This (referring to my detention slip) is not going to happen” at which point they proceeded to throw it out.

Teachers are very much unappreciated. My mother has spent the last 35 years getting her PhD in education and what does she get for it? She gets every parent in our parish mad at her because “she closed the school down” but really the parish couldn’t afford to stay afloat so they merged with the other local school. Then at the new school she works at what does she get. She gets loads of threats, lawsuits and alleged terrorist acts to deal with. All of this on a regular basis and she gets paid an average of $65,000 annually. The most upsetting part to me is not that the congressmen get paid more as Moore was bashing but I hate that professional baseball players get paid more. Why, all I need is one good reason, should we pay more to people whom didn’t go to school because all they wanted to do was hit a ball and run a diamond then those who are teaching the youth, also known as the future of our world.

The next thing on the agenda is budgeting. It is those stupid grants that cause all the problems. The schools get their funding from the government or sponsors but they are granted only for use on certain things and never what really needs to be spent on. Like in my high school, they got a 100,000 grant for computers and technology but they needed to spend it on desks, chairs and new books. If the schools had free reign to use the money, students wouldn’t have had to jam their butts on the broken support bars of their chairs or get books that had been used for the last 35 years and were falling apart. One of the books I got for my math class, dropped a section of at least 45 pages. They just fell out the moment I opened my book.

The only thing about Moore’s “Idiot Nation” that I feel I relate with is his statement, “I had to sit and feign interest …” I was always ahead of my classmates in ever thing but English. I never could spell but you give me some numbers to crunch and I would go to town. In my eighth grade math class, classmates would come to me to learn the lesson the teacher failed to teach properly. Once during a class some students would talk to me about what the teacher was doing on the board; the teacher heard us talking, by us I really mean me, so she asked me, “ Tim do you think you should teach today’s lesson?” To this I replied, “No, ma’am please continue.” but I wanted to reply, “At least then these students would learn something because it is not like I have anything to learn at this level.” That same year my Science teacher told me that I was probably already at the high school level in my mathematics skills. Then when I got to senior year of high school, my math teacher had to wake me up to say, “So far nobody could answer this problem could you give it a try?” “Well sure sir the answer is + the square root of (7.62)i“, at this point he tells me ”just go back to sleep”, to the class he says, “she class its not that hard Tim just woke up and at a glance could give me the answer …“ From this point on they all knew that I had no need for their math classes.

My opinion is that the only idiot here is Michael Moore. He is just mad his experience sucked but he needs to just get over it. Only one problem he mentioned carried any merit. He was spot on when it came to the problems are the damn grants. Though Michael showed he was not stupid just didn’t have any direction in his life. If he had stayed through college until the end he may have had a different experience and found the uses of all those years of schooling. My personal opinion if you don’t plan to go to college and make something of your self you just need to go to three classes: one to teach you how to speak simple English, one to teach you how to work a cash register and one to teach you how to beg fast food restaurants for a job. School is all about college and nothing more that is why it gets harder as you get older. They are just preparing you to get a degree and get a good job doing something useful for the world.

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