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Ideologies Within The American Dream/ Values
American Values and Dream differ from person to person because everyone individually grows up having their own thoughts and ideologies about it. In the American culture, the “American Dream” is defined as a goal that every citizen and non-citizen person wants to achieve by being successful and having the finer things in life. Some of the ideal ideologies for the American Dream life-style consists of a perfect job, perfect house, and being happily married with kids. Basically having the perfect family and being financially successful. Most Americans live up to the ideologies of the “American Dream”. Unfortunately, the ideologies that the American Dream has are not as simple as they appear and sometimes are not easy to achieve. In the novels “Birds of America” by Lorrie Moore and “This Is How You Loose Her” by Junot Diaz, both authors discuss the ideologies that the American Culture has in order to achieve the “American Dream”. In class we also watched a movie called “Waiting for Guffman”, which conveys a message about the “American Dream” as well. Although the American Dream is ultimately what every citizen wants, not everyone has the opportunity to achieve it. Therefore, the novels “Birds of America”, “This Is How You Lose Her and the movie “Waiting For Guffman”, try to send out a message saying that the “American Dream” is a goal that not everyone is capable of having because in some ways “its to good to be true”. Ultimately what every American wants is to be successful in order to live the American Dream. For a woman one of the ideologies is to marry a successful good-looking man, be a housewife or have the perfect job, have two kids and finally the perfect home. Out of all the short stories in the novel “Birds of America”, the story Willing, explains how there is woman who are successful and have all the finer things, but are not be happy with the life that they have. In the Willing Sidra is an example of a...
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