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Activity Diagram of Ideo
Case Summary
oStructured Innovation in Ideo
oDevelopment of 3Com’s Palm V
oThe “Visor” dilemma
Case Analysis

Structured Innovation at Ideo

IDEO is an international design and innovation consultancy based in United States of America. IDEO was formed in 1991 by a merger of four established design firms: David Kelley Design (founded by Stanford University professor David Kelley), London-based Moggridge Associates and San Francisco's ID Two (both founded by British-born Bill Moggridge), and Matrix Product Design (founded by Mike Nuttall). Till date IDEO has worked with renowned clients like Apple, Pepsico, Microsoft, Procter &Gamble, AT&T, Samsung, Philips etc and developed several successful products from them.

If we closely observe the work culture and management at IDEO, we can list down a few features of the organisation: •Flat hierarchy
Open Culture
Focus on designing innovative “out of the box” products •Constant innovation at organisation level by picking up best practices of the client and implementing them in their organisation. •“Trial and Error” method of innovation: employees are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them

The core competency of IDEO is “Innovation”, producing something which is completely out of the box for the client and hence all the activities it performs while developing a product revolves around innovation.

IDEO’s innovation process can be broadly divided into 5 stages or activities.

1.Understand and Observe
This involved the following:
Understand the planned product
Observed related products
Brainstorming (on various parts and features of the products, the features, functionalities etc) •Prototyping following the 3R strategy(Rough, Rapid, Right) to evaluate the result achieved so far. •Extensive Market research

2.Visualize and Realise
In this staze the product development team...
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