Identity of Great Britain: Ethnic Identity of the Four Nations

Topics: United Kingdom, Wales, Received Pronunciation Pages: 3 (1268 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Ethnic identity the four nations:
English, scottish, Welsh and Irish. For people living in Scotland, there are some distinctives differences. First, important aspects of public life such as education and the legal and welfare Systems are organized separately and differently from the resto f Britain. Second, the scotish way of speaking english is very distinctive. Third, there are many symbols of Scottishness which are well-known throughout Britain. The people of Wales don’t have many reminders of their Welshness, similar organization of England. But there is one important symbol of Welsh identity, the Welsh language which is in a Sorong position. The language receives a lot of public support. All children in Wales learn it at school, there are also many local newspapers in Welsh and a Welsh televisión channel, and all public notices and signs are griten in both Welsh and english. About english identity, most people who describe themselves as english have made little distinction between english and british. This confusion can still be found in the press and in public life.

Other ethnic identities:
For those whose family origins lie in continental europe, the situation is different. Most of them look different, which means they cannot choose when to advertise their ethnic heritage and when not to. The longest-stablished Group are the Black caribbeans. The wave of immigration from the Carribean began in 1948, worked on london`s buses and trains. Carribean music such as Calypso, reggae and ska, have taken root in Britain. The Notting Hill Carnival was started by Carribean immigrants. The other major grouping consists of cultural roots lie in anda round the Indian subcontinent. They are know as Asians. The first wave of Asian immigration was at the same time as the Caribbean. The second took place in 60s and 70s. In their culture, parents often expect to have more control over their children than any White or Black parents expect to have. The term...
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