Identity and Belonging

Topics: South Africa, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Board of Race Classification. I am here to speak before the court today as the principal of Piet Retief College and teacher of Sandra Laing, to appeal Mr Laing’s request for reclassification from ‘coloured’ to ‘white’ for Miss Laing.

Miss Laing is coloured. In every way, Sandra Laing is coloured. She is disruptive and misguided. I feel it my duty to uphold my college’s high standards of what is acceptable, and having a coloured student at a white school is insufferable. Miss Laing does not conform to the codes of the Bantu Education Act, Act No 47 of 1953. We as an institution cannot provide the education required for a person of Miss Laing’s condition. Miss Laing requires a curriculum suited to the nature and requirements of the black people. Our level of teaching will ultimately provide Miss Laing with the knowledge and power to aspire to positions she cannot not legally hold in society. As a coloured, it is in Miss Laing’s best interest that she remain classified coloured and rightfully removed from my college and attend a more suitable centre of learning where she will receive an education designed to provide her with skills to serve her own people in the homelands or to work in labouring jobs under whites.

Miss Laing’s incongruous place not only within my school, but also within this society highlights a clear weakness in the apartheid structure. Have we as Afrikaners forgotten our roots? We are the natural and God-given inheritors of this land. The Bantu are second-class citizens. To be black is to be dirt. We no longer live in a society ruled by Liberalism. This is not a case of xenophobia. This is a case of Mr and Mrs Laing, two whites, persistently challenging and trying to manipulate our government, our fore fathers. We live in a world of necessary, strict segregation. Lets not forget this hearing is a response to the threat Sandra poses to white society. Only just now we heard the statement, the definition of...
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