Topics: Sibling, Birth order, Family Pages: 4 (1632 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Rough Draft

It’s funny to think how different I would be without some major characteristics of my life. For example, if my grandpa had still been alive when I was born I most likely would have a few qualities that I am missing today. Since he was a sailor, he was resilient and rough around the edges. I’ve always been more sweet and sensitive, and if he had been around to influence me his traits may have passed along to me. My grandpa also worked near asbestos, so if he wouldn’t have died before I was born, he would have had serious health problems while I was alive. So far in my life, I’ve never had to deal with having an ill family member, thus I haven’t developed the strength to handle a situation involving sick relatives. Also, if I would have known my grandpa while he was sick, I would have seen a softer side of my dad. I have always seen my dad as strong and influential, and he pushes me to try my hardest at everything I do. If I would have seen him break when his dad was sick, I may not have the same perspective or relationship with him that I have now, because I would lose part of the reverence I have now for his strength, and he most likely wouldn’t be as influential on me. My dad’s motivation is what developed my strong work ethic, and my work ethic influences my actions every day. Once all the dots are connected, if it wasn’t for my grandpa’s early death I could not only have a different perspective of my dad, but also may not have the strong work ethic I have now. There are numerous other factors in my life that are completely out of my control, which connect to circumstances that influence me as a person.

Without ever even having to meet my family, one can tell I am the oldest child based on my personality and my everyday life. First of all, being around younger children daily taught me how to work with them, and made me more comfortable around them than an only child or younger sibling would be. Consequently, when my church was asking for...
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