Identifying the Important Elements of Service Marketing, Defining, and Discussing Its Importance.

Topics: Marketing, Good, Marketing mix Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Services are known to be deeds, processes, and performances provided or coproduced by a person for another person. There are four types of services in the market, Service Industries and Companies where industries and companies core product is a service, Service as a Product represents a wide range of intangible products, Customer Service the service provided in support of a company's core product, Derived Service the value of a physical good is really the service provided by that good. Intangibility determines on whether an offering is a service, which indicates that service itself could hardly be measured but there is a technique which differentiates between products (tangible) and services (intangible) which is the Tangibility Spectrum, this technique makes it easier for a person to view the offered service as tangible or intangible product.

A major reason why the services field exists is technology. Information Technology is being a major influence and is the main field of service marketing. There are some influences that technology has on the service market. The first influence, potential for new service offering allows businesses to offer new services t the customers. For example, the newspaper companies have an online service to allow the customer arrange the sections in the newspaper according to their preferences and needs. Another influence is, new ways to deliver services it makes basic customer service functions easier to the customer. Technology changed most of the face-to-face services to the internet. For example, people that used to pay their bills by person now they can do it by a single click on the internet. Technology also enables both customers and employees to be more effective in taking the service for the customers and for the employees to provide the service. For example, for the customers online banking where customers can enter their accounts and apply for loans. The employees they can allow the information about their service...
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