Identifying Perspectives in Psychology Assignment

Topics: Shame, Psychology, Guilt Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: December 13, 2013
AP Psychology Identifying Perspectives in Psychology Part 1

Case Study 1:
Neurobiological –
It is hypothesized that depletion of monoamines transmitters cause emotions such as sadness and guilt and can lead to psychiatric disorders such as depression. Thus, it is probably that due to a depletion of monoamines and other biologic functions within the brain, Mrs. B is feeling sad and lonely two of her loved ones have left her. These outside events have somehow triggered neurotransmitters in her body to make her experience such feelings as sadness and loneliness. Humanistic-

The humanistic perspective is based on free will and that people are in control of their own behavior and feelings. Thus, Mrs. B is consciously always thinking about the departure of her two loves ones and because of this constant focus on such unpleasant memories, she is feeling sad and lonely all the time. She desires for them to be with her but her wishes are not fulfilled, also making her feel sad and lonely. However, if she were to focus less on these unpleasant memories and more on other things, such as her students, she would feel happier and more uplifted. Psychodynamic-

Mrs. B may have experienced the departure of people that she was close to before in her childhood, such as close friends or relatives. Thus, when two more of her loved ones leave her she feels sad and lonely as before. The reason she felt so lonely after he child and father left her was because she was very close to them and all of a sudden, that close connection was broken when they left. So when she avoids creating more interactive and fun lessons for her students, she may actually be unconsciously...
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