Identify the Three Domains of Development

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Identify the three domains of development, as described in Chapter 1.

The three domains of adult development are physical development, cognitive development, and socioemotional development. The interesting fact about the study of physical development is that it not only looks at obvious physical changes but at the unseen changes such as changes in the brain (Witt, Mossler, 2010, p. 3). Although both the study of physical development and cognitive development look at the brain, the study of physical development focuses on the actual physical changes of the brain. The study of cognitive development focuses on the mental changes of the brain. The last domain concentrates more on a person’s emotions and personality. As Witt and Mossler put it, “it is an overall description of your abilities, traits, and personality” (2010, p. 8).

Why is it essential to consider each domain when studying and discussing the theories of adult development?

It is important to consider each domain of development because they all affect each other and are in constant change which last a lifetime (Witt, Mossler, 2010, p. 3). As Witt and Mossler also state that “each category shows distinctly different types of development and different schedules of development; they are, however, not separate” (2010, p. 3).

Provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.

For instance, when a person breaks his/her leg they undergo a change that directly affects their physical abilities. Along with the physical changes, the cognitive and social developments are also changing. A person’s cognitive skills are improved trying to compensate for the use of the leg. On the other hand, the socioemotional development may suffer from being limited to a cast for six to eight weeks.
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