Identify Performance or Process Issues That Can Be Addressed by Use of It or Opportunities for Process/Operations Improvement

Topics: KFC, Fast food restaurant, Customer service Pages: 5 (1997 words) Published: January 25, 2011
The business that I have chosen to evaluate is KFC; I have chosen this business as it is extremely well recognised company. One of the main reasons for choosing KFC is that I believe it has instant recognisability to people and its processes are easy to see. The industry in which KFC operate is very efficient and has constant changes to it. I do believe that there can be changes in KFC operations and processes do hopefully benefit the customer further. The main area which I am going to look at is the ordering/ receiving methods of food. I feel that KFC are competitively weak in this area and hopefully my solution will give them a competitive advantage. The value chain is important when considering changing the operations and processes of KFC. The value chain can be defined as 'interrelated series of processes that produces a service or product' . With my suggestions the value chain at KFC will change the way in which the product is served to the customer and not to change the actual product. The part of the value chain that id like to change is what the customer does whilst waiting for their food and the way they order the food. The new system would mean that I remove the human element of face to face service for some customers so that they can just go about ordering there food on a computerised till then go to a collection point to pick up their food. I plan to change the value chain as I believe there is a weak link in the system currently. The weakness is when the customer orders but has to wait for their food whilst holding up the rest of the queue. I believe that the key process in the value chain regarding KFC is the waiting time as this process doesn’t add value to the chain, of course the food that customers order cannot be expected to reach them instantly so customer will have to wait to it is the way they do that I think could be altered in order to provide more efficient to the process. There aren't many problems with KFC current value chain but this shouldn't be much of a surprise as it’s a global company that serves more than 12million customers daily in 109 countries . The value chain works well in KFC as each process from the customer entering the store to food preparations add value to the experience apart from the long waiting times. The current structure of a KFC outlet is very basic, although KFC have lots of different premises which have differing sizes, the layout is pretty much the same for every outlet partly because they are a franchise. I believe that this layout isn't as efficient as it could be therefore I would like to implement some changes. I feel that the queuing process at KFC is longer than other competitors however the food is cooked in a similar time frame. This means that customers are waiting longer for their food when they shouldn’t have to. My amendments to the service process within KFC is that the layout of the store be changed, the way in which the customer can order and receive food will also be changed. I will change the layout as follows; I want to have a system in place that is similar to Argos in process. This is where the customer orders and pays for the food then goes to a separate part of the store to pick up the goods that they have purchased. This is very similar to the system already in place at KFC already the only difference is that in the KFC outlets you don’t go to another till to pick up goods. I want to implement the change as I believe it will benefit the customer .I feel that customers want more choice available to them with speedy delivery of food. I would keep the system that is already in place. Next I will look at process flow and its complexity currently I feel that KFC offer a line flow approach. This means that customers and materials move linearly from one operation to the next, in a fixed a motion. I think this is the best option for the service that KFC want to offer as with line flows the work goes through the same sequence for every customer. This...
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