Identify Four Themes That Occur in the Novel and Discuss These in Relation to Character and Plot Development

Topics: Love, Sleep, American films Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: March 21, 2011
In the book The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins, 2 contestants from the twelve different districts in Panem are sent to the arena to fight against the tributes. The person who survives to the end of the games will return to their district and live the life they were living but knowing that they survived whilst watching other people die. The themes of betrayal, love, courage and trust have been used through the book.

Obviously the theme of betrayal was used a lot during the novel. In one section of the novel Katniss ended up betraying Peeta by going to the fest to get a backpack to help out with healing his leg, but he disagreed with that idea, so the only other way to was to knock Peeta unconscious. So Katniss went out to the out to gather sleep syrup to help heal the wound. She couldn’t just give him the sleep syrup as he would know the taste. So she had to mix it with other berries and also added some mint leaves to measure out the taste. “…but they taste familiar. Sugar berries?” page 336. He then realised after he got to the last spoon full…. ‘Syrup’. His eyes lightened up with fire but Katniss had to force him to swallow. He tried to make himself regurgitate but it was too late he was already knocked unconscious. “Who can’t lie, Peeta?” Pg. 336 not that Peeta couldn’t hear what Katniss was saying, the whole of Panem still could. Such as betrayal, love plays an also important part in The Hunger Games, one example would be when Prim gets chosen to go to the games. Katniss see's that she is anxious with fear as she was heading towards the stage. Katniss couldn’t handle to see her little girl be slaughtered instantly she knew her chances of survival would be low. “I volunteer!” I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” pg. 26 this quote shows that Katniss cares and loves Prim. For Katniss to volunteer to take over Prim's part in the hunger games obviously is an act of love to risk your own life for someone else’s label. Not many people volunteer for someone else in...
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