Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm

Topics: Domestic violence, Ethical code, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: January 12, 2014
1.List the observations that together indicate possible ‘risk of significant harm’ Risk of harm is the indication that the child may suffer physical, emotional, and psychological harm because of neglect by the parent or guardian responsible for his care. In Jamelle’s case, indication includes physical signs like; •Various large bruises

Smelling strong urine stale
Dirty and unwashed skin
Lack of fresh changing clothes
Bloodshot eyes
Psychological l problems such as timidness
2.Response to the situation in preparation of drawing a report The response will include investigating the factor that can lead to risk of harm to the child, including social isolation of the child with other children, and family on inadequate access to other family members. The risk may be caused by inadequate parenting skills, poor models of parenting or neglect. As a caregiver, i will observe and record observations that indicate a risk of harm and note all the behavioural changes. Finally, i will respond to the physical needs of the child such as medical care, giving her adequate sleep time, bathing, and changing his diapers. 3.The actions or work practices to be taken

Jamelle needs a close attention, which her mother has failed to give her. As a caregiver, it will be my duty to ensure the child receives a reciprocal treatment. I will offer the child emotional support enable her unite and play with her mates. I will take responsibility of ensuring that the child is cleaned and in proper dressing. In case her mother raises further issues, I will report to the director. The mother on the other hand, need advice and support in helping the child. 4.Ethical responsibilities in the situation in relation to families and children As a worker, one should make the right decision concerning the health of the child and right the actions to be a practice which ensures a child protection. The family has the right to know about the current condition of the child,...
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