Identification of Work Behavior

Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Name: Chandha Parajuli Neupane
EMBA 14521
Assignment 1
Question: no: 4 Identification of one of your work behavior. Analyses its determinants with the help of behavioral principles. Answer:
Definition: The work place behavior is defined as the pattern of actions and interactions of the members of an organization that directly or indirectly affects its effectiveness. One of the important work place behaviors is Motivation. Motivation is defined as internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal. Motivation results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors such as the (1) intensity of desire or need, (2) incentive or reward value of the goal, and (3) expectations of the individual and of his or her peers. These factors are the reasons one has for behaving a certain way. An example is a student that spends extra time studying for a test because he or she wants a better grade in the class. Self Motivation: Self Motivation is the most important work behavior every worker in an organization must possess. This is the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. People with self motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them. Analyses of the determinants of Motivation with the help of behavioral principles: Behavior (B) and its intensity determined by a number of personal (P) and environmental (E) factors B = f (P, E)

External (environmental) and internal (personal) forces create conflict for employees within the workplace. With a struggling economy and ever increasing prices for gas, food, utilities, and other commodities, these external stresses place conflict on employees’ home lives. Employees bring those external conflicts to work. These external stresses also place tough...
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