Identification of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

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Orgo Chem Lab 8
Lab Eight: Identification of Hydrocarbons
Organic Chemistry 311

Abstract: Unknown hydrocarbon K was identified by using purification, determination of boiling point by using the capillary tube technique, the calculation of density and obtained refractive index value from the Abbe-3L refractometer. The density was not useful due to an error of the machine but the boiling point and refractive index were used to confirm that the unidentified hydrocarbon K was 2,2

Thrush is a gasoline additive that is claimed to improve engine performance (Lehman,2009). Gasoline is derived from petroleum and must be refined to be used as a fuel source Straight chain carbons like heptane and hexane burn rapidly causing a shock wave that does not give a good source of power and damages the engine (Lehman,2009). Highly branched hydrocarbons on the other hand burn slower and uniformly not causing a shock wave (Lehman,2009). The octane number of motor fuel measures the ability of the fuel not to cause a shock wave (Lehman,2009). The higher the number the more branched the hydrocarbon (Lehman,2009). The purpose of this experiment is to identify the hydrocarbon in thrust and determine whether or not its octane number is greater than 87. The hypothesis for this experiment was that with the measurement of boiling point, density and refractive index the hydrocarbon can be identified therefore allowing for the determination of the octane number. The strategy of this experiment is using simple distillation in order to purify the substance then using the capillary tube boiling method to find the boiling point of the unknown and then determining the density using the previously learned technique from the first lab Materials and Methods

Unknown k was distilled using the technique of simple distillation once it was distilled a portion of the distillate was used to determine...

Bibliography: Lehman, J. W., Multiscale Operational Organic Chemistry: A Problem-Solving Approach to the
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