Identification by Roger Mcgough

Topics: Father, Family, Mother Pages: 4 (1004 words) Published: November 19, 2012
“The Identification ” by Roger McGough Is a poem in which there is a Character for whom I feel sympathy. I will explain why I feel sympathetic towards that person, and what particular words and phrases the poet uses which mad me feel this way.

The poem is about a boy named Stephen, who was tragically killed in an explosion. His father is called to the police station to check if that's his son. His father's hopes are shattered as nearly all the evidence proves that it is Stephen lying in front of him.

The poet uses many words and phrases which makes me feel sympathy towards Stephen's father. When Stephen's father enters the room, he says, “ So you think it's Stephen?
Then I'd best make sure.
Be on the safe side as it were. ”
I sympathies with Stephen's father here because he is very nervous about seeing the body for the first time. His use of cliché emphasis his anxiety about the strong possibility that his son is no more. When Stephen's father sees the hair of the body, he says, “Ah, there's been a mistake. The hair

you see, it's black, now Stephen's fair...”
I feel for the man here because when he sees the hair his hopes are raised that the body in front of him is not his son's. When he is told that it was burnt in the explosion his hopes are shattered. “Burnt black ” emphasis on the painful injuries Stephen must have suffered. This is an awful thing to experience as a parent.

The poem goes on as Stephen's father is getting more tense about Stephen. When the face of the corpse is revealed, Stephen's father says, “The mask of charred wood,
blistered, scarred-could
that have been a child's face. ”
I feel sympathetic towards Stephen's father here as he was shocked to see the child's face. I can imagine how dreadful this must have been for Stephen's father, as no parent would even dream of their child in this situation in this state. Describing Stephen's face as a mask of charred wood emphasis that his face is completely burned, that his father...
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