Ideal Time to 1st Become a Parent

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William Park
April, 29, 2011
3rd Essay
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What do you consider the ideal time to first become a parent? The teen years, the twenties, the thirties, never? Why?

The process of childbirth and child-rearing is one that is extremely frightening and difficult. A couple should be completely prepared before considering becoming a parent because it can probably be regarded as the biggest responsibility one can have. So, what do I consider the ideal time to first become a parent? Well, in my opinion, this is a matter of preference; some do it in their teenage years, and some may choose to do it well after they’re 30. I for one do not know the “ideal” time to first become a parent, but if I had to take a stab at it, there are many a matters to confront. Let’s begin with age. From what I have learned, as one begins to age, things in the body begin to change. For example, older men will most likely have a lower sperm count than that of younger men; can I also safely presume then, that the sperm is also weaker? Moreover, as one gets older, the chance that the child may encounter defects (such as autism) gets higher. Therefore, I suggest that the mid 20’s is a good age to consider becoming a parent. Of course, this suggestion is not just any baseless statement – I have my reasons as to why I choose this age range; one such reason is to be able to play with my child as he grows, while I have the physical capabilities to do so. Firstly, is the couple prepared? There are many things that can be overlooked because there are so many things that require attention; for example, their current financial standing, the condition of their relationship (emotionally and physically), their environment, and how they plan to raise the child. This is only a fraction of things to take into account and all of these require good insight and time to organize. I think that if one wants to become a parent at an ideal time, all of these are crucial because an “ideal...
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