ideal Philippine president

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Ideal Philippine President
Slam! The only sound made by our couch as I flock on it when I got home from school late and tired. Eventually my attention was caught by Mike Enriquez as he report the breaking news about the whom they called “Pork Barrel Queen”. At first, it was just nothing for me to think that I’m not involve on it since I haven’t pay that TAX for I’m just a simple student so I don’t mind it and continue what am I doing. Time passed and I had decided to watch television but instead of enjoying it, I just got pissed because every channel I switch is all about news where Janet Napoles is involve. I don’t have a choice so I just watch it till it ends.

Knowing things from the news I have watched made me realize the true effect of what Napoles did. Why we discover it late? How can her conscience take that? Swimming to the wealth of her countrymen while others are swimming to mud just to have food for their dinner? How can our President return all the wealth secretly wasted by someone?

Intelligent, tactful, brave and caring are the common traits which every Filipino wants to an Aspiring Leader of us. The type of man who will break the rule just to help the poor people is what we need. The type of man who will make a new direction for us to be on the right path is what we looks for. The type of man who will make a new direction for us to be on the right path is what we aim. Also the type of man who can think and decide well is the best.

Maybe it is good to have a President who can stand on his promised words. A leader who can lift us up again from our flood like problems. A President who can truly

open his eyes to see the reality on his Vicinity. To see those people who have a light but light from a car and a street post. To see those people who have the bed but made of asphalt that sometimes covered by cartons.

A leader having big ears like rabbits is better than those who have small. At least, he can hear the crying of the nation. He can...
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