Ideal Language

Topics: Philosophy of language, Game, Word Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Jeremee D. Solano Philosophy – 1

1. Explain: Wittgenstein’s theory of language games.
Wittgenstein explains that language is in fact a game to be played. Like any other games out there, may it be board games, card games, computer games, and etc. all games have rules. And these rules, he said, are neither right nor wrong, neither true nor false. They only serve as a guide on how a certain game is played. Without these rules, a game can be so vague that there is no common end view to derive at by the players or the constituents. Anyone would be able to do whatever he wants with the game and that would be chaos since there is no system or order that the players should follow. Each one of them will be deriving at a different conclusion meaning each of them is playing a language game of their own. 2. What is an ideal language? Is Wittgenstein for or against the creation of an ideal language? Language, as people might say, is a cluster of words, letters, and symbols that is used by entire civilizations as their form of communication, either oral or written. In some regions of the world, language is branched even more into a variety of dialects that distinguishes the different communities of a certain nation. But even in the broad sea of language, people still search for the so-called ideal language. The only questions worth asking, though, are: What is an ideal language like? And how must a language be in order to be recognized as ideal? Wittgenstein says that for something to be ideal it needs to have a sensible meaning and a concrete use. He says that an ideal language is much like logic. It is exact, has visible boundaries, and an explicit area. In the same sense, language has exactness in its meanings and patterns. Its boundaries in usage are recognized widely by the communities who made them out of necessity. And its area of power and influence grows as large as the country from which it flourished. But did Wittgenstein accept the idea of an...
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