Ideal Education Model

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Education is one of the most important things for a society to prosper and be safe which forms the character and intelligence of the individuals around the world. Education makes one able to understand what is happening in the world logically and clearly. Education enables individuals to put their potential to use and make a difference in the future. It is essential for individuals to be educated in a way that they will expand their knowledge vastly. An ideal educational model is very difficult to achieve, and is often argued over by people in society. Every person in the world is unique in their own way, having their own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a learning style that is unique to them, developed over time. It is absurd for educators to clump together all of these different individuals and teach them in one manor. Teachers should cater to every individual student learning capabilities. The issue in public schools today is that teachers do not have the time to teach each of their many students individually. There are too little teachers for the volume of students at public schools. In the comic titled "Multiple Intelligences" an environment with various students learning in different ways is displayed. All of the different students are fully engaged in activities that interest them. This comic is showing that by allowing some freedom to students to learn in the ways they find interesting will be beneficial in the end. It is very difficult for students to receive one on one time with the teacher. An increased budget to public schools would provide more teachers to better educate each student. The student should be in an environment in which they are comfortable and not pressured by the constant drilling of information. The student should be able to express themselves to the teachers if they do not understand information taught. This concept ties back to the urgency for more teachers in the public school system. In an average public school there is...
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