Ideal College Experience

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The Great College Search

My Ideal College Experience

Describe the place you lived during college (a dorm, an off-campus apartment, your own home, another option).

I lived in an average sized dorm on campus, with two other roomates. We had separate rooms and shared one bathroom.

Describe the size of the campus. (Was the campus large or small?) How many students?

It was a large campus, we had to take public transportation to get to some of our classes. There are over 40,000 students enrolled there.

What were the surroundings of the campus? (Was it way out in the country, in urban area, in a small town?)

My campus was located in a small town there isnt that much there besides shopping plazas and a few resturants.

What classes did you enjoy the most? (Include subject, type of teacher, number of students, look of the classroom, ect.) ____________________________________________________________


What clubs, sports or campus activities did you participate in? I was only apart of the school soccer team.

Describe your social life and your reputation among your friends and teachers.

I tend to hang out with my friends but I’m always open to meet new people. My friends and teachers think of me as the guy who likes to have fun but can get things done when its time to work.

What is your major ? Will you need to extend beyond 4 years of education to reach your goal?

I am majorin in computer engineering and I am still deciding on staying in college beyond getting my four year degree.
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