Ideal Bedroom

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      It was a horrid day today.  I fell asleep in math, failed a test in science, and had to do 55 push-ups in P.E. because the coach thought I was talking while he was explaining how to play flag football!  On top of that, I have to walk home in the rain, and it’s my birthday!       I was completed drenched from head to toe, and I was shivering.  As much as I wanted to get home as fast as I could, the rain got harder and slowed me down.  As I approached the front door, I remembered how terrible my room looked, and it smelled awful.  The bed was so old that whenever I laid on it, I would be afraid to fall through!  I went upstairs leaving a trail of water behind me.  I hesitantly opened the door to my room, preparing to scream.       As I walked through the door, I saw that the room looked so beautiful that I was left speechless.  It was spatious, and it was so massive that it was two stories high!  The first thing I did was run up the stairs.  They were a vibrant green with hot pink polka dots.  As I walked through the beaded door, I saw an astonishing marble replica of a swan overlooking my bed.  The bed was made out of a purple comforter sewed together into a circle and it smelled like it was stuffed with rose petals!  Gracefully hanging over my swan bed was a lovely black-laced drapery that brought depth to the room.  As I dashed down the stairs to see the rest of the room, I noticed an attractive gray chandelier (with crystals dangling from it) hanging from the ceiling.   The downstairs ceiling was a mystical diamond illusion that reflected the theme of the room.  I was so distracted by the ceiling that I ran into a glass case!  Inside was a life-size replica of Edward Cullen!  As I examined it, I thought about how perfect it would be for my Twilight collection.  To the left of my lovely sculpture was an air hockey table.  “Sweet!” I said to myself.  I turned around to see what else I had.  I discovered a groovy, round, red/white hanging chair.      I...
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